The Fund Development Facility (DF) is inviting firms interested in submitting proposals for the project "Build a result and impact monitoring and evaluation framework for the Fund". It aims to develop a comprehensive Monitoring and Evaluation Framework for the Fund, along with an implementation roadmap that allows for the identification of the Fund’s contribution to: biodiversity conservation, sustainable use of natural resources and, mitigation and adaptation to climate change impacts. Candidates should indicate expertise on M&E, financial experience and knowledge on technical environmental topics.

Please find the following technical documents, as well as other formats to be used for the tender preparation:

- Annex 3: CV Template

- Annex 4: Budget Template

- Annex 6: Theory of Change

The Fund will be receiving applications until 31/08/2017 at 8:00 pm CET. All proposals should be sent to the following email: We encourage candidates to confirm your interest for submitting the proposal before the deadline mentioned before.

All the clarifications will be answered and communicated in the following link Questions & Answers for the M&E Framework. Only questions sent to the email address ( will be answered. Development Facility

The Development Facility aims to enhance the impact of the Fund by complementing its investment activities with technical assistance with the following focus:

  1. Supporting financial institutions in further developing lending to sustainable business as a viable portfolio segment (e.g. marketing campaigns). It can also include helping financial institutions to better address the needs of the target group (e.g. through product development).
  2. Supporting the target group, i.e. local businesses, in supporting their conversion or deepening of sustainable business practices (e.g. environmental audits or support in the adoption of a certification).
  3. Sector technical assistance and studies, e.g. impact studies, market research, awareness campaigns and sector workshops.

The Development Facility is funded mainly through donor grants.

The technical assistance is coordinated by Finance in Motion and delivered by independent experts selected in a tender process.